How I am going to make my first MILLION dollars from my side hustle starting at $0 — Part 2… -Thinking like a millionaire


This blogumentary details the steps I am taking to achieve my goal — becoming a millionaire. Check out part 1 for more context.

In this blog, I will highlight what I learned this week, what progress I made, and what I plan for the future. I hope this blog will help to keep me accountable, as well as provide insights to other aspiring people.

What I learned

I learned A LOT in the past week. I spent several hours reading about other successful entrepreneurs, watching youtube videos, and just learning things related to entrepreneurship as well as mobile development.

At the time of writing my previous blog post, I was learning mobile development from scratch. However, I soon realized that was a big mistake.

I’m not specialized in mobile development.

How complete of a mobile developer can I become in a few months? What if my app needs to be native Android/ iOS? Then I would need to learn and perfect 2 whole ecosystems. As you can see, this is not really a scalable approach. The opportunity cost here is immense - I would spend maybe a year or more perfecting mobile development instead of focusing on my idea, validating it, researching about it, and finally making it a reality. This logic applies in many cases, not just this case. This is the reason many companies choose to use B2B solutions rather than implementing their own solution — the opportunity cost. It’s much better to offload work to a specialist to save the most important and scarce resource you have, time.


After finishing off my last blog post, I went on to make a simple Alarm clock application using Kotlin/ Jetpack Compose. I spent a lot more time than I would like to admit making it work. Understanding the Android docs, learning about all the backward and forward compatibility I would need to offer, how permissions differ from certain Android versions, was all very overwhelming for someone who recently finished a Udemy course.

Shortly after I started exploring other languages and frameworks, and came across React Native. This looked really promising as I am experienced with Javascript/Typescript as well as React. Even better was Expo, which comes on top of React Native promising very fast development speed. However, after further research, I came to realize one important thing — there is no silver bullet. While Expo promises fast development, it has many serious drawbacks.

Now here comes the confusing and challenging part I faced:

So… Should I learn Android native….Or Flutter… or React Native… or Swift…? It really comes down to what I want to build. But do I really want to build what I think I want to build? What if the scope of what I want to build changes and the framework I’m using can’t support that?

It’s obvious, it’s impossible to choose what to learn. Spending your time to learn something only to realize it won’t do, is a big risk (Learning is good, but there is always an opportunity cost).

So the first step I needed to take was a step back. I needed to validate what I wanted to build, establish what functionality I wanted, and come to a conclusion about the vision I wanted to set out on.

And this is where I am at at the moment. I am learning about how to make sure my idea, is the idea.

What the future looks like

Now that I’ve taken a step back, it is time to take 2 steps forward. I have designed documentation with questions that I will need to research to fully answer. Only after answering these questions and carrying out the relevant market research as well as interviews will I be confident in my idea. There’s a lot of questions as well as design decisions to be made before I can start interviewing people about my idea, so it will be a slow and gradual process. I will still be updating this blogumentary every week.

<Self promotion>

I would like to thank you if you have made it this far into my blog. I didn’t expect it to be this long, but I guess I wanted to share a few things. Also, please follow me as I would like to eventually build a community that I can interact with, learn from, and also take on this exciting journey with me 👏





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